CAN BE BOTH HUMANS AND DOGS. Does your dog suffer from bad breath, tartar, plaque, yellow teeth, cavities, receeding gums, and/or teeth/teething pain? Gingivitist can lead to more serious peridontal disease. Our tooth paste not only can treat but also can prevent. This teeth whitening, cavity fighting, antibacterial, detoxifying, tartar defeating, and delicious toothpaste is desired by every dog that has tried it! So much so you might want to put it up, or they will eat the whole thing. Not to worry this toothpaste is natural and completely safe to swallow. It is human grade quality and pet safe for all ages; you can even use it on yourself! The base ingredients are coconut oil, coral calcium (including 73 minerals), calcium carbonate, and activated charcoal. This toothpaste is infused with essential oils that stop and prevent gum bleeding and pain, so your teething puppy can be as happy as possible. You can even savor it by adding it to a simple dog safe tooth paste. The gritty texture scrubs those teeth so you don't have to fight so hard to keep them healthy. 5mL

All Natural Tartar Control and Teething Toothpaste 5mL

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Add-on Toothbrush
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